Lifetime Guarantee

In this age of disposable commodities and throw away products we believe its time for a change. Thats why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our leather products. There is a true cost to fashion and it cannot be measured exclusively in dollars. The materials that went into it, the artists that craft it and the resources used to get it around the world and into your hands are very much real and undeniable. Thats why we create timeless, durable garments made from the best materials and made to last a lifetime and we back that up with a lifetime guarantee. 

What does the warranty cover?

Our limited warranty covers all mechanical failures such as broken zippers, snaps and closures and all structural failures such broken seams and stitch work for the lifetime of the product.

What does it not cover?

We do not cover aesthetic damage such stains, rips, tears, burns, or theft. Aesthetic damage is defined as damage caused exclusively by the owner of the product, with no mechanical or structural failure.

What is the Period of coverage?

Our warranty covers the original registrar for the life of the product. As long as you bought it from us and have a copy of your receipt, you are covered. We do not cover products that have been resold.

What will we do to fix mechanical or structural failures?

We will fix all mechanical or structural failures to the best of our ability. If we are unable to fix the issue we will replace the product free of charge. In some circumstances where replacement is necessary but the original product has been discontinued, we may substitute the original product for a comparable product from our current collection.

How do you get the service?

simply keep your receipt of purchase on hand to confirm your purchase when repairs are needed. Contact us and ship us the repair we will repair it and return it as soon as possible.